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My name is Amber Jones and I am a residential mortgage broker licensed in the state of California, USA. I specialize in finding the best home loan for a new buyer, seasoned buyer (someone who’s purchased a home before), or homeowner who wants to refinance their current home loan.

I have been in the real estate industry since I was a teenager. When my mom started Kinetic Mortgage, formerly Kinetic Premier Lending, she quickly needed an assistant. I was young, ambitious, available after school, and eager to earn my own money. Soon enough, I went from being an assistant to becoming a loan processor. Nowadays, the entire loan process is mainly paperless. The applications are filled out online, disclosure packages are emailed and signed with electronic signatures, and the only paper documents a borrower signs is the 1/4 ream of paper that are their final loan documents. Back when I started working, one of my first tasks was to staple a dozen different forms together that became our loan application packages. At that time, the underwriters required a handwritten loan application, along with a typed, final loan application.

Many of the processes, guidelines and laws have changed since I started out as a loan processor. Although the methods to process a loan have changed, the people haven’t. Every loan application is a story. The borrower’s story is their unique financial journey, just like their fingerprint on their thumb. No two applications are alike.

Since my journey began as a full-time loan originator, aka Loan Officer, many clients I’ve worked with had been denied by some of the big banks for not fitting inside their guideline box. Most of the time, I am able to take that same application, scenario, and documentation, and find a loan that best fits their needs. The difference being that I listened to their story. I get to know the people, not just the name and social security numbers. I learn their motivation for wanting a home loan, not just pushing papers to the next step. I ask what their ideal outcome is for the transaction and am relentless to help them achieve their goals.

My goal is to provide customized home loan options based on each individual family’s needs in this ever-changing housing market. I want to ensure each borrower I work with is confident about the loan program they’re agreeing to, as well as, realistically comfortable with the payment they’re committing to make. I not only want to help folks get their piece of the American Dream, but I want them to keep it; or at least keep it until they’re ready to make a change on their terms, not an institutions.

My hope is that I am able to positively impact each life that I am given the opportunity to help, and in return earn a consistent stream of referrals to continuously impact lives from generation-to-generation.

Thank you for taking this journey with me…




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